ITRO® Surface Treatment System & ITRO® Portable Surface Treater

1. ITRO® Surface Treatment System for mass production

Main Features

  • The unique high velocity power burner with our quick and precise combustion control system.
  • Safety operation with double shutoff valves design.
  • Unique combustion method which generate wide flame reaction zone.
  • Low heat load to substrates with super high speed ITRO treatment .
  • The control device provides a burner continuously and accurately regulate the amount of combustion with a low noise, low cost and a turn-down-ratio with a wide range.
  • Burner size are available from 50mm to 300mm width on customer’s request (Standard 150mm width )
  • Basic Configuration – High Combustion Burner Unit / Control Device / ITRO Vaporizer unit) & ITRO Agent (Consumable)

  • External Supplies – Power Source 200V 3 Phase, Compressed Air Dry/Oil free (0.5Mpa), LPG or LNG

  • Option – Multi axis Robot / Conveyance type equipment / Other In-line customized equipment


ITRO High Combustion Efficiency Burner Unit Available from 50mm to 300mm width (Standard Size 150mm)

Burner Unit

150mm & 300mm

Control Device

ITRO Combustion and Flow controll (Air,Gas, ITRO) Safety function Parameter setting of optional equipment LCD Display

Vaporizer Device

2. ITRO® Portable Surface Treater for light usage

Main Features

  • Affordable with Handy and All in one unit in an aluminum hard case
  • No external supply is required
  • Ideal solution for treatment in the field or R&D

  • Easy operation with safety functional torch bunner and easy set up in a few minutes

  • ITRO® Surface Treatment Canister lasts approx 100 minutes (Max continuous operation: approx 10 minutes)

  • Basic Configuration – All in One Unit (Handy burner, Hose, Itro gas canister, Gas regulator system)

Aluminum Case

All in One Unit

Easy to Use


Gas Canister