What is ITRO Technology?

ITRO® surface treatment (Japanese Patent No. 3557194)- our innovative Nanocoat technology enables the surface of the substrate instantaneously hydrophilized by a combustion of chemical vapor deposition phase

The method involves spraying a gas containing a silicon compound to the surface while burning it.

Generating nanocoating structure on the substrate

The result- a nano-order silicon oxide coating layer on the surface, with fine particles of silicon oxide generated by the combustion’s.

Electron micrograph : Before and after ITRO treatment show Generating nano order silicon oxide (SiO2) coating layer on the PP surface. It shows better than traditional surface treatment technologies.

Wettability (Surface tension using dyne index)

Material PP HDPE Glass Metal
Before ITRO 40 38 35 40
After ITRO 73 73 73 73

Surface temperature during ITRO treatment

–treatment time is just few seconds–